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Introducing Channel Accelerator

Introducing Channel Accelerator

Channel Accelerator delivers new telecom, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and other related business services to the telecom/cloud channel through the Convey network of master agents and their 20,000+ sales partners. Channel Accelerator screens new providers, then helps structure their marketing, compensation and support programs to make them channel-ready. The Program provides master agents with the ability to sell services under a single Channel Accelerator agreement. 

New Opportunities for Master Agents & Sales Partners

Many new services that don’t make it into the channel, even though they offer unique opportunities that agents would benefit from. Channel Accelerator removes barriers to channel entry because technology providers often don’t understand the investment they must make to structure a successful channel program and secure agreements with master agents. Providers sign a universal agreement with Channel Accelerator, so any master agent can immediately represent their services and be compensated.

Delivering  Channel-Ready Solutions

Providers in Channel Accelerator collaborate with Convey to develop their channel program and create a go-to-market strategy. The marketing message is developed so sales agents will understand the perfect customers for each provider’s services and how to best engage the vendor when a sales opportunity is identified.  Convey helps structure every channel program, advising on an appropriate commission strategy, sales processes, along with customer onboarding and support.  Channel Accelerator generates marketing outreach directed to agents in the Convey network using educational webinars and email campaigns. The new Conduct™ Campaign management solution provides pre-packaged email marketing campaigns for sales partners to deliver to their customers and prospects promoting new services and creating deal flow.