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Website “Gotchas”

Make the right first impression and avoid common website mistakes

People make the same snap judgments about companies from their websites in the same way they do about people. When people land on a website, they decide whether to explore or leave in about half a second.

Some small businesses believe that just having a website is enough no matter what it looks like, but what people don’t realize is just how much research their current customers or prospects are doing online before they engage with a company. If the website looks bad, is outdated, and difficult to navigate, it can hurt rather than help a business.

Making a good impression with your website is important, but there may also be some hidden ‘gotchas’ that are nasty surprises resulting in a loss of time or money in website redesign, maintenance, and even worse, legal fees.

Website Gotchas details common mistakes businesses make with their websites, reasons why doing a website yourself might not be the best decision, and unexpected website surprises or ‘gotchas’ that might harm your business.