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Custom Catalog Management & Marketing from Convey

Managed Catalog Services Drives Agent

Leverage the power of your Convey catalog to engage and inspire your master agents’ sales partners through the new Managed Services Program. Start with a customized marketing plan, messaging strategy, targeted promotions and sales campaigns. 

Marketing as a Service 

Convey acts as your marketing team, managing custom messaging to your partners refreshing catalog content, and updating your graphics. Getting you visibility with sub-agents. 

With a Managed Services agreement Convey will: 

  • Manage every aspect of your catalog to ensure sub-agents notice you and are fully informed and equipped to sell your products. 
  • Make sure you are proactively marketed to the sub-agents, via visibility on every Master Agent’s home page. 
  • Ensure that your catalog and its content is featured in all available directories on each subscribed master agent site. 
  • Add custom banners & graphics to your catalog and upload approved events or content posts on a regular basis. 
  • Provide regular feedback on partner engagement to adjust strategy if needed. 
  • Conduct stategy sessions to ensure goals of your catalog are being achieved. 

Low Cost, High Impact 

The Managed Services program gives you high touch support, customized messaging, and marketing through the Convey platform, with feedback and analysis for a low monthly subscription. Get sophistic